Why Solar Energy for Your Home ?

Energy plays a vital role in people's lives and the cost of powering household living essentials has increased drastically over the past few years. Furthermore, our planet is on the verge of irreversible climate change due to excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Solar Energy is here to reduce household fossil fuel consumption and prevent energy poverty, by providing a cost effective, renewable and sustainable power source to households.

  • Cost Benefits & Protection

    Never pay a hydro bill again....

    Solar Panels allow homeowners to offset their electrical cost, while contributing to Net-Zero emissions. Solar Panels also protect you against rising Hydro cost during peak Kilowatt Hours !

  • Government Rebates


    Think Again...

    Enbridge Gas & The Canada Greener Home Grant (HER+) have partnered up to provide rebates towards Renewable Energy Systems. You can receive up to $5,600 on your entire retrofitted Solar System installed and Home Evaluations required.

    How the Grant Process Works 
  • Solar Increases Home Value

    Real Estate Investor ? Selling Your Home ?

    Studies show that Solar Panels can increase the value of a home approximately 3 - 5% upon resell. (between $4,000 - $7,000 per 1kW installed). We estimate that homeowners receive their ROI within 5 - 9 years, depending on solar power production, size of solar system installed and annual energy consumption.

  • Longevity

    How long will my Solar Panels last?

    It's worth your while... Solar Technology has improved enormously over the years, becoming more compacts with a higher wattage, leading to increased energy production. Our Solar Panels are high quality, maintenance and suitable for harsh Canadian environments, all backed by


How Solar Panels Work to Reduce Household Hydro Bills


1. Solar Panels absorb sunlight, which then produces a DC electrical current.

2. The DC current produced travels through a Solar Inverter, which then converts DC power into accessible, AC power for home electrical use or grid feedback .

3. As normal, electricity is distributed throughout the household for any power source required.

4. If households are producing more Solar Power then electricity consumed, excess power is sent back to the grid for future credit use (cloudy days & winter months)

5. This results in your newly installed bi-directional meter spinning backwards, offsetting your Hydro Bill !

Working With URT

Our team is by your side every step of the way....

From the initial quote to the completed project, we ensure that customers are satisfied throughout the entire installation process. We collaboratively work alongside clients to obtain the permits and funding required. We will NOT leave site until customers are pleased with the aesthetics and energy production of their newly installed solar system.

  • 3+ years of installation experience, backed with installation liability insurance.
  • Working at Heights Certified
  • Appropriate Fall Protection Equipment
  • Understanding of local builders code
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