We custom fit your home on wheels with renewable solar energy to power living necessities. Our installation team is experienced in the process of sizing & installing Solar Modules for Mobile Homes and trailers. We offer aesthetically pleasing, portable & fixed, Off-Grid solar and battery options to maintain your power consumption indefinitely.


Together, we can help you save money and produce clean energy all at once ! Our plug-and-play solar and battery systems prevent you from needing costly campsite shore power and are capable of meeting all requirements.

  • St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

    • This 30ft RV project was completed at the request of a Solar and Battery upgrade. Our team installed two 360 Watt - Longi Solar Panels in parallel, which shall charge two brand new Dakota Lithium 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries, also in parallel.
    • With a DC power upgrade like such, our customer will never worry about running out of battery juice !
    • In peak sunlight, the 360W Solar Modules will charge the 100Ah lithium batteries in 5 hours !
  • Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    • Get your work or recreational van powered with solar. Above is Ford Transit Van with an unlimited supply of Renewable, Off-Grid energy. With 480-Watts of peak Solar Power, this module will be charging an Ecoflow Delta - 1300W Portable Power Station in under 3 hours !
    • A simple, DIY and plug n' play installation. Our adjustable mounting brackets and aesthetically pleasing 88"L x 42"W QCell - Solar Panel will fit ANY curved or flat roof Van with ease.
  • Elora, Ontario, Canada

    • A complete Off-Grid Solar Trailer. With 4 x 295 W Solar Panels, charging 4 x 12V 100Ah Dakota Lithium Batteries in Parallel
    • With 5.1kW of battery storage, this closed utility trailer will provide power for days. In peak sunlight, the battery bank can be charged in under 5 hours

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