Solar Street & Landscape Lighting

We are broadening our solar energy portfolio by engaging in the promotion, sales and installation of ultracapacitor photovoltaic street lamps. Our lighting fixtures provide cutting-edge,long-lasting energy solutions to power a greener future with sustainable living and energy efficiency.

SOPHOVO Ultracapacitor PV & Storage Integration Street Light

Ultracapacitor PV & Storage Integration Landscape Light adopts an integrated module design. The main body of the lamp structure is made of aluminum alloy. Photovoltaic panels are integrated with light poles on all sides, 360°, which captures sunlight throughout the entire day. The ultra capacitor and solar charge controller are placed inside the light pole compartment for easy maintenance. It is suitable for a wide range of environments and meets various lighting needs.

  • "Ultra" Long Battery Life

    Ultracapacitor energy storage is built for long-term economic benefits, which is designed to last longer than 50 Years, with over 10,000 lifecycles. Ultracapacitor energy storage is safer, more efficient and stores power 20 - 30 times more than a conventional battery. Our SOPHOVO Solar Street & Landscape Light can house 4 x 136 Watt Ultracapacitors which ONLY requires 2.5hrs of sunlight to run the LED lamp for 4 - 5 days on end. All backed by a guarenteed 10 year warranty replacement

  • Sizing & Head Style

    We provide different styles of Lamp Holders and support different pole heights (3.5m, 6m and 9m) to suit preferred locations & ennvironments. Our LED lighting modules have a lifespan over 50,000 hours and convex lenses have a transmittance of 95%.

  • Built For Extreme Weather

    Our products are designed and engineered to withstand harsh, Canadian ennvironments. Ultracapacitor Technology is durable and efficient throughout all weather conditions, from rainy - cloudy days to snowy conditions, without compromising on functionality. The storage box assembly is Waterproof (IP66) anti-cracking, anti-theft and anti-corrosion.

    -40°C ~ 60°C (365 Days)

Cost Benefits & Ennvironmental Impact

Lets Compare...

Solar Street & Landscape Light VS Tradditional Street &Light

  • SOPHOVO - LED Solar Street & Landscape Light

    - One Time, Fast and Cheap Installation

    - NO Trenching & Underground Wires Required

    - NO Additional Hydro Costs (Complete Off-Grid System)

    - Lighting Components Contain Recyclable Materials

    - Contributes to Net-Zero Emissions (Renewable Energy Source)

    - Strong Illumination, Extremely Safe & High Efficiency

  • Standard Street Light

    - Initial Cost and Installation is up to 50% MORE than a Solar Light

    - Highly Expensive Trenching and Cabling Required

    - Additional Electrical Utility Costs

    (AVG Canadian Payments: On-Grid Tradditional Lights cost $45.00 - $185.00 Annually to operate, varying on size and light bulb type)

    - Costly Maintence Required

    - NOT Ennvironmentally Friendly

    - NON Renewable Energy Source & Contains Unrecyclable Materials

    - Poorer Illumination, Short Lifespan and Energy Inefficient


What is an Ultracapacitor ? How does it work ?

It's not just a battery...

An ultracapacitor is a low voltage energy storage device which offers high power density, instant charging & discharging and high reliability. The chemistry within an ultracapacitor is designed to last infinite lifecycles and tolerate extreme temperatures.

Ultracapacitors don't rely on chemical play to function as they store and produce energy electrostatically, leading to better safety and higher performance !

What components of the Solar Light is recyclable ?

First off...

Traditional batteries are mainly composed of lead, sulphuric acid, colbalt, manganese, and a large number of heavy metals. If they are discharged to soil or water source, it will cause irreversible serious pollution

Ultracapacitors are made of recyclable materials, as the Membrane Filters can be reused to, leading to ennvironmental waste reduction

Where are the Solar Street Lights Designed and Manufactured ? (Read More About our Supplier)

We are officially recognized as the exclusive distributor and lead installers for SuperNewEnergy.

Backed by expertise in the production chain, Canada's SNE has mastered the core preparation of ultracapacitors and structural design of the SOPHOVO Solar Lighting fixtures.

SuperNewEnergy is a Canadian designed product and manufactured overseas.