About URT

Ultimate Renewable Technologies Inc is a growing, small business located in the heart of Milton, Ontario serving renewable & sustainable Solar Energy Solutions across Canada. URT originated from it's solar equipment supplier and affiliate company, TRU Off Grid and founded by Owner & Sales Director Jack Abrams.

Ultimate Renewable Technologies came to life with the Mission of supporting & enhancing Net-Zero strategies to reduce environmental impact. While being outdoor enthusiasts ourselves , we decide to participate in the fight of global climate change, by providing Clean Solar Energy solutions to reduce environmental impact and people's ecological footprint. We also acknowledge the cost of consuming electrical grid-power is becoming excessively high, leading to thousands of Canadians suffering from energy poverty. Our Vision is to create a more sustainable lifestyle for individuals, families, communities and businesses, by enabling the ability to harness renewable & affordable solar energy to power essential living needs.

We are passionate about contributing to Canada's Goal of Net-Zero Emissions by 2050, by offering an Emission-Free, Renewable Energy option to Homeowners, Businesses and Municipalities.

Let's work together and create a more sustainable and greener future.