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Ultimate Renewable Technologies supplies & installs a broad range of Solar Solutions. We provide individuals, families, businesses and communities with efficient and sustainable energy systems to power essential needs. Our skilled installation team has the ability to work with Residential Homes, Mobile Homes / RV, Battery Backup Systems, Micro-Off Grid Applications and Solar Street Lighting for Commercial Developement & Municipalities.

Solar Energy Rebates & Loans

Effective as of Jan 4th 2023, Enbridge Gas and the Canada's Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) have partnered to provide rebates towards eligible household retrofits such as renewable energy systems. The new, co-ordinated Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program will help more Ontarians save energy at home.


($1,000 for every 1kW DC of solar installed, up to $5000), plus an additional $600 for Home Energy Evaluations.

No need to be an Enbridge Gas customer. HER+ is open to all Ontario homeowners who are primary residents of the home for which they are applying, regardless of their provider.

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NRCan is also offering an optional, interest-free loan (on top of the $5000 rebate), known as the Canada Greener Homes Loan. The maximum eligible loan amount is calculated based on the retrofits selected in the application and the quotes for this work. Get up to $40,000 to cover the cost of you solar system, backed by a 10-year repayment term

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